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Welcome to the development homepage of Spell Quest.

SpellQuest - A Spelling Mentor

Spell Quest is a computer based learning program for studying spelling words. The traditional quiz method of learning spelling words allows the students to quickly forget words after the quiz. To promote long term retention Spell Quest continues to revisit "problem" words." Words that the student spells consistently are less likely to be selected as it is assumed that the student has mastered such words.


Spell Quest was written in Python using the tkSnack sound library. MySQL provides data persistence.


  • Easy to use -- After installation, administration and usage are performed through a handful of screens. Assigning new words is as easy as typing them in.
  • Web-enabled -- This affords many users access to the database simultaneously from several machines. Word pronunciations are obtained online through Merriam-Webster
  • It works -- Early claim based on me and my daughter's experience.

Spell Quest is dedicated to Emily Shaw

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